memorial services 

“the lament is really a musical eulogy, normally always played on a bagpipe, and it expresses … not only the sadness of the occasion but a tribute to the deceased”

there are a number of appropriate times to use the bagpipe; as people are gathering, to lead the casket in processional at the service or to the gravesite, a lament at the end of the service in coordination with military honor guard if present, and as background music as folks depart.


sporting events 

bagpipes are an excellent call to the warrior spirit whether the battlefield be the golf course or the marquee big wave surfing contest in the world.  rousing marches to animate the athletes before the start, stirring tunes at the charge and, at the awards event, bagpipes are an excellent way to draw attention for the presentation of awards and to provide a lament as a moving tribute to honor the athletes who have passed. bagpipes have been the highlight for many involved in events such as the amgen tour of california, the pga’s reno-tahoe open, the usga’s junior amateur championship, the mavericks surf contest, tough mudder and the lake tahoe marathon.


formal dinners, dining out/in and mess nights

prescribed times to use a piper at your event include; to welcome the guests as they arrive and to entertain during cocktail hour, to call the guests to their seats at the conclusion of cocktail hour, to pipe in the head table, to parade the beef, and to toast the commander in chief, the branches of service present and to honor fallen comrades.

“It was great having you at our dinning – in and I’d definitely recommend you to anyone who’s looking for a talented bagpiper. ”
-Joe Condino



the tune “happy birthday!” happens to work really well on the scottish highland bagpipe. imagine your loved one’s surprise when a piper in full regalia marches in with the cake!


graduations and award ceremonies

bagpipes are an excellent way to add a special sense of decorum and celebration to graduations and award ceremonies. use bagpipes to welcome the guests, to pipe in the colors, to lead the honorees in procession and recession and to honor those who have passed.


educational presentations

the scottish highland bagpiper, in full kilted regalia, is something most people only encounter in pictures or movies. while most often associated with scotland their story goes far beyond one country. the first written record of a bagpipe is from the year 425bc by a greek poet and every country in europe, north africa and the middle east had a form of bagpipe – some of which are still played today. considered the most popular instrument in the western world during the middle ages, it has also been banned by churches and kings and was legally declared “an instrument of war” and playing it a crime punishable by death.

“the interactive, unprotected 2,500 year old story of the bagpipe” is an interactive, entertaining, educational and culturally enriching presentation appropriate for all grade levels written and delivered by seán cummings. in it you’ll learn about a unique instrument and it’s history. you’ll have a hands on demonstration about reed making, learn what bagpipes are made of and how to make your own bagpipe using drinking straws, a plastic bag and duct tape! you’ll hear different kinds of bagpipes and learn about sound and tuning and the unique outfit of a scottish bagpiper. and, of course, you’ll hear a fun selection of tunes both traditional and contemporary.

“”I just wanted to let you know that I thought you interacted with the children very well… They all reacted well to you and you maintained their interest (not an easy feat with this age group)… Overall, good job.” bill merton


lessons & coaching

learn to play the bagpipe for fun and profit! seán is a gifted, patient and encouraging teacher. (as a ski instructor he was named one of north america’s most effective instructors by skiing magazine!) he is available for private lessons by appointment.

seán is also a certified business consultant specializing in sales and marketing coaching for musicians. he is licensed to present “get clients now!™”, a sales and marketing system for service professionals and, as an award winning graphic designer, can provide consulting on advertising and design solutions that produce results. his clients have included the nation’s largest auto sports sanctioning body, an independent record label, health care practitioners, professional musicians, a pet sitting service and a ski resort. his clients have produced impressive results such as the carmel valley branch of fremont bank increasing deposits from $6.5 million to $15 million in three months (without advertising) and a monterey acupuncturist growing his practice over 300% in two years.


over the course of 30 years of playing the bagpipes, séan cummings has collected several traditional and non-traditional uniforms. below are a few of the many options available for your event.


evening wear/formal


ancient mackay tartan


scottish regimental number one dress

scottish regimental number one dress ancient/modern mackay sean tahoe bagpiper

ancient/modern mackay tartan



cumming hunting tartan



tahoe bagpiper busking

cumming hunting tartan